About Me

Debby Glass

Hey there beach-goers and all-around avid outdoors fans.

Debby here. I’m a beach fanatic, but love being outside anywhere. With two young boys I spend more time outside than inside I think.

The only problem spending so much time outside is the potential for getting a sun burn.  Aaaaargh… too many as a kid.

I’ve resolved that my kids won’t get burned even though we spend much of Summer outside.

Over the years I’ve found hats help a lot to avoid sun burns on face, neck, ears and scalp (babies don’t have much hair).  When our first son was just a baby, I had no idea which hat would be best. We ended up buying loads of hats, often disappointed with many of them.

Fortunately, I stumbled on a fabulous beach hat company.  We all have them now.  They’re Sunday Afternoon hats and they rock.  I have one, my kids have several and my husband has one too.

As far as I’m concerned, they’re the best for the money.  And yes, our young kids will actually wear them because they’re comfortable, light-weight and stay on no matter how active they are.

Why this blog?

Spread the word and help people

For one, I thought my experience finding the perfect beach hat could help other beach-goers, including parents with young kids.  I’m often asked at the beach and parks and playgrounds where I got our boys’ hats.  I figured since I build websites part time for small businesses I might as well create one for me.

Make a few dollars

This is kind of cool, but I only do this because I genuinely love the Sunday Afternoon hats, and that is if you click a link to Amazon and buy a Sunday Afternoon hat, I earn a commission.  It’s small given these hats don’t cost much, but it’s kind of cool to make a few dollars writing about beaches, my kids and letting people know about a great product.

About me

Married with two young boys.  We spend a lot of time outside… beaches, parks, playgrounds, hiking, goofing off in the backyard.

I’m a part time website designer.  I work for small local businesses who need a website.  It’s a great job that gives me flexibility and let’s me be creative.  This is my first personal site which I started for fun.

What’s up with the name “AnkaYanka”?

No rhyme or reason really. I wanted something unique and catchy without dashes or numbers and not a long phrase.  I kinda like it – you don’t easily forget it, do you?

Where are pictures of my kids?

Sorry, I chose not to show pictures of my kids here.  I don’t do it on social media either.  My husband I decided long ago that it’s not for us to post their images online.  We prefer they decide when they’re older.  Any photos of kids on this site are not our kids… just photos we’ve been granted a license to.  Hope you understand and while they would definitely dress this blog up, I prefer not plastering their photo everywhere.