Great Beaches I’ve Visited – My Beach Diary

This is a fun article to write because I get to think about all the amazing beaches I’ve visited on my own, with my husband and over the last few years, with our kids.

We’ve traveled some and so we include those as well.

Here’s my list favorite beaches I’ve visited over the years.

Maui (Hawaii)

I’ve had the good fortune of going to Maui three times in my life.  I love it there.  Over the course of those three visits I think I’ve gone to most of the main beaches.  Here are two of my favorite Maui beaches.


Kaanapali beach on Maui, Hawaii.

I love Kaanapali beach. We stayed for a week at Honua Kai resort which is located on this beach. It’s amazing.


Napili Beach on Maui, Hawaii.

My first time in Hawaii was staying on Napili beach. Small, but a real gem.

British Columbia

Crescent Beach

Read my full Crescent Beach write-up here.

Picture of the beach and pier at Crescent Beach in Surrey, British Columbia

Picture of the beach and pier at Crescent Beach in Surrey, British Columbia. We lived in Crescent Beach for a few years and loved it. We know it well.

Third Beach

Read my full write-up on third beach here.

3rd beach in Vancouver, BC

3rd beach in Vancouver, BC. We’ve been here quite a bit… arguably Vancouver’s nicest beach.

Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks beach in Vancouver

I’ve spent many days on Spanish Banks in Vancouver. Huge beach with stunning view of downtown Vancouver.


Tofino Beach on Vancouver Island.

I’ve been here twice and love it. Cold water, but great surfing and you can walk for miles.

Cates Park Beach

Cates Park Beach in North Vancouver, BC

Cates Park Beach in North Vancouver, BC

This is a little-known gem of a beach, park and playground located in the eastern section of North Vancouver.

Read my full write-up about Cates Park beach here.


Grand Haven

Grand Haven Beach in Michigan

West Michigan has amazing beaches. Grand Haven is a lively one that’s fun to visit.


Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Arguably this is Michigan’s nicest beach. It’s incredible and the town of Saugatuck is a must-visit place.



Clearwater Beach in Florida

I stayed a week in Clearwater. Nicest sand I’ve ever experienced – so soft.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa beach in Florida

Had the pleasure to spend a Spring Break during college at Cocoa Beach in Florida. Amazing!


Cape Cod – Truro

Truro Beach on Cape Cod

Spent two vacations on Cape Cod and love the quiet, private aspect of Truro beach. Had the place to ourselves.

Cape Cod – Provincetown

Provincetown Cape Cod.

Both times I visited Cape Cod I spent time in Provincetown. It’s a terrific, beautiful, lively town and beach on the outermost tip of Cape Cod.


Scheveningen in the Netherlands.

Can you believe I surfed on this beach in the Netherlands? I couldn’t believe my luck when I was there. It was perfect. Fun place.

Costa Rica

Osa Peninsula

Beach on Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Spent 10 days on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Very remote… had to boat in. Wonderful place and incredible beaches. Great surfing too.



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